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en-gbel grezp@aua.gr   +30 210 529 4426

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of the Department of Animal Science relies upon the Departmental commitment for continuous evaluation and improvement of quality in education, research and other departmental activities, taking into consideration that primary responsibility for quality assurance lies on the Department and its staff.

The quality policy consists of providing high quality education to its students, as well as of securing and developing a constructive environment for research and work administration for its staff.

The Department of Animal Science commits to monitor international development in education and reform accordingly its teaching curriculum, as well as to produce high quality research, following acknowledged codes and guidelines of ethics. The Department also commits to watch and analyze performance indices in order to undertake informed decisions for correcting actions with respect to education, research and administration.

Every member of the Department has to contribute in the accomplishment of the Departmental goals, which consist of supporting education, innovation, distinction, as well as academic freedom to pursue teaching and research.